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To Write–Perchance To Dream

I spoke at a homeschooling convention yesterday.  Part of me was wowed by the fact that I had been asked to speak at the convention that, in years past, had been the iconic Homeschooling Event Of The Year in these parts.  The other part of me mitigated that with the fact that, facing competition with other conventions, it has become a much smaller affair.  And the fact that I was only doing an exhibitor’s workshop.

So it wasn’t like I was a keynote speaker or anything.

But I was still thrilled.

In a vague attempt to fool myself into not thinking too highly of myself (because, come on, seriously.  We all do.), I had myself convinced that I would probably attract three or four attendees, and I pictured us pulling our chairs into a circle and having a nice Socratic Dialogue about the topic.

After all, I was representing Classical Conversations, so that would have been fitting.

It turned out to be standing room only, and they turned people away at the door.  Small room, so maybe 40 or so people.  I had made only 10 copies of my handouts.

But it went well, I think. It seemed well-received.  They laughed at most of my jokes, anyway.  I probably told too many – I usually do. But a couple of people stayed after to ask questions, so it couldn’t have been awful.

When I got home, the 14 year old asked me how it went.  I told him how amazed I was that so many people attended.  He looked thoughtful, and then asked me what my topic was.  So I told him it was “How Do I Teach All These Children And Still Get Dinner On The Table?”

He rolled his eyes at me.

“Mom, of COURSE they wanted to hear about that. You should have booked a bigger room.”

It was at this point that it really started to dawn on me that after 17 years of homeschooling, I might know some stuff that people need to hear.  Because while, in my mind, all those articles have already been written, it occurs to me that there is a whole new crop of homeschoolers who aren’t likely to dig through back issues of Home Schooling Enrichment Magazine for the answers to their burning questions.

So I have decided to start writing again.


As soon as I get my curriculum chosen for the British Lit. class I’m teaching in the fall.

But right after that.  I am TOTALLY going to start writing again.

Bug me if I don’t. (Although, if you do, you may want to stand ready to duck, because if you have chosen the wrong time to nudge, like, say, when grades are due, I may throw something).

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No Filter December

I am aware that today is still actually November.

However, the 12 year old has convinced me to get down the Christmas decorations, and despite the cold I’m fighting, I gave in.

And as I sat down to recover from all that ladder climbing and box schlepping, something I read on another blog about taking a photo a day for 365 days was buzzing around my brain, and I came up with the idea of posting a photo a day for a month, and accompanying it with a few words regarding whatever I was thinking that day.

Which seems rather self-serving, but if I go too far down that road I will stop writing altogether.  And maybe, amongst all the “okay, Julia, thanks for sharing” posts, there may be a gem that makes someone smile or helps someone along.

Anyone want to join me?  No Filter December.  Photos, thoughts, whatever is on your mind.  Doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.  Doesn’t have to be long.  Just post.

Plus it’s a good bandwagon to jump on for those of us who missed NaBloPoMo.  Ahem.

Can we just called this decorated already?

Can we just call this decorated already?  #CloseEnough

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