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No Filter December – Day 31: The Final Day

No Filter December has come to an end. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of blogging under the No Filter title so much, I may just declare next year “No Filter 2015.”  Let’s just consider it that between ourselves, though, so I don’t have to preface every title with it, because frankly, that got tedious this month.

041At any rate, it’s New Year’s Eve. Time for the Traditional Schmidt Household New Year’s Bash, a rollicking good time wherein we drink Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider and do a jigsaw puzzle.  Sometimes, if we’re feeling daring, we light a fire.  This year we added a pot of chili to the mix AND were treated to gluten-free donuts made by the 14 year old.  (There was a slight misunderstanding about the difference between 1/2 tsp and 2 tsp when it came to the salt measurement in the recipe, however, so we didn’t actually eat the donuts.)

When I was young and single, I did my time at New Year’s Eve parties. I remember one in particular, a rather large one for the Singles group at a popular church.  After a painful hour or so, a friend and I, having recognized a certain desperation in each others’ countenances, politely sidled out without drawing undue attention to ourselves. As soon as we got to the sidewalk, we ran, yelling “Aaugh,” down the street.  Yes, we literally yelled, “Aaugh.” It was that bad.

We ended up at a party at the home of a friend of his. It was a handful of people, and we sat around and played quiet games and chatted and I do believe it was the best New Year’s Eve party I have ever attended.

That was the last year I attended a big party.

A quick look at my Facebook newsfeed tells me that I’m not alone in enjoying staying home on New Year’s Eve, so either I’m getting old or a lot of people have come to the same conclusion as I that large New Year’s parties are overrated.

So to those of you who are joining the loud, the frantic and the raucous this evening in your celebration, I tip my hat.  To those of you who are joining me in staying home, I lift my glass of sparkling cider to you and offer you a quiet and understanding grin.

And, since I spent some time with this little guy earlier today while his mistress and my daughter were riding bikes at the beach, I also offer you a Happy New Year grin from Sam.  No, he’s really grinning. Really.






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No Filter December – Day Eight: The Endodontist

I only took two photos today, both of which were at the office of my endodontist.  But you have to understand, this is a really, really cool endodontist’s office, as endodontists go.  Soft, soothing music plays while a TV screen displays a slideshow of fields of flowers.  A candle burns somewhere, wafting relaxing scents across the lobby.  A refrigerator is fully stocked with bottles of water, free for the taking.

Of course, seeing that I was there for a consultation about a possible root canal, brought about by a sudden sensitivity in my tooth to hot and cold, perhaps the refrigerated water could have been rethought.

At any rate, I felt like I was at a spa awaiting a treatment rather than a dentist’s office awaiting pain and torture a consultation.  I felt this way right up until I walked into the exam room and sat in the chair.  There is just no disguising a torture rack dentist’s chair.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me in the chair, so I couldn’t get a photo of the ceiling tile they had replaced with a back-lit picture of a tree, positioned just perfectly so that their patients can gaze upon it when the chair is reclined.  I’ll try again on Friday when I go for my torture session root canal.

For now, I will simply have to leave you with this attractive floral arrangement from the corner of the lobby.


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No Filter December – Day Four: Christmas Sweater

When I was young and single, I lived with a married couple and another single gal in a house that was owned by a friend of mine. As we neared Christmas, a friend gave me this red sweatshirt with a teddy bear on it, and the words “Hug Me” emblazoned across it.

Two things, however:

1) The words were in a weird font and clashed with the picture behind them, so that it looked like it said, “Huame.” People asked me if that was Hawaiian for Christmas. I don’t know why they thought I would know – I’ve only been to Hawaii once.

2) APPARENTLY, I wore the sweater all the time. It was very comfortable. But the morning I came out of my room, comfortably dressed and feeling festive, and my roommate Charley looked up from his coffee and deadpanned, “Oh, you’re wearing that sweater. I never would have guessed,” it occurred to me that perhaps I was overdoing the Wearing Of The Huame Sweater.

I kept it for years, since I could only wear it in December (My rules. You guys do what you want). But eventually it wore out and I had to part with it.

Fastforward 25+ years to last Christmas, when the 12 year old simply HAD to have an ugly Christmas sweater. We headed over to Aaardvark’s Odd Ark and found a rack of them. And you will never guess what he not only found, but chose.  And what he has worn EVERY DAY OF THIS WEEK, ever since we got the Christmas decorations out of the attic. It must be hereditary.

One day soon this phase will be over and I will get a picture of the 12 year old with a regular smile on his face.  Soon.  No, any minute now, surely.

One day soon this phase will be over and I will get a picture of the 12 year old with a regular smile on his face. Soon. No, any minute now, surely.

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No Filter December

I am aware that today is still actually November.

However, the 12 year old has convinced me to get down the Christmas decorations, and despite the cold I’m fighting, I gave in.

And as I sat down to recover from all that ladder climbing and box schlepping, something I read on another blog about taking a photo a day for 365 days was buzzing around my brain, and I came up with the idea of posting a photo a day for a month, and accompanying it with a few words regarding whatever I was thinking that day.

Which seems rather self-serving, but if I go too far down that road I will stop writing altogether.  And maybe, amongst all the “okay, Julia, thanks for sharing” posts, there may be a gem that makes someone smile or helps someone along.

Anyone want to join me?  No Filter December.  Photos, thoughts, whatever is on your mind.  Doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.  Doesn’t have to be long.  Just post.

Plus it’s a good bandwagon to jump on for those of us who missed NaBloPoMo.  Ahem.

Can we just called this decorated already?

Can we just call this decorated already?  #CloseEnough

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