No Filter December – Day 29: The Rules

My friends in Mexico live in a community with a security gate.  Apparently most of their neighbors are also Americans, and although part of the charm of the place for me has been that friendly neighborhood dogs roam the streets and take themselves down to the beach whenever they feel like it, someone in the... Continue Reading →


No Filter December – Day 27: Driving Tips For Mexico

I have ranted on this blog in the past about how much I hate four-way stop signs, but I found I actually don't mind them in Mexico.  Down there, everyone works together and you all get through the intersection, and if someone pushed in a little ahead of you when it was technically your turn,... Continue Reading →

No Filter December- Day 19: Vamos a la Playa, oh, oh, oh my goodness, what IS that?

The sunset and views at the beach along Rosarito, BC, Mexico, are beautiful. The sand, however, is suspiciously black.  And not in an exotic, lava-rock type way, but in a "oh, look, there's the Pemex Refinery and isn't that an oil tanker out there in the water?" kind of way. So while the effect of... Continue Reading →

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