I Don’t Know The Answer To Your Question But I’d Be Happy To Make Something Up

The 23 year old took me on a "city sample" last night as her Christmas gift for me.  It was somewhat like bar hopping or a pub crawl, but without the inebriation. We started at one end of the Redondo Beach Riviera and worked our way through five establishments, eating appetizers, sampling soups and browsing... Continue Reading →


The Day I Went Looking For Trouble

My 23 year old daughter walked to our local Target this afternoon.  It's something we all do - it's only about four blocks away so it's a good way to get exercise when you are only buying a few things. She, however, is young, blond and pretty. Just about every time she goes to the... Continue Reading →

No Filter December – Day 27: Driving Tips For Mexico

I have ranted on this blog in the past about how much I hate four-way stop signs, but I found I actually don't mind them in Mexico.  Down there, everyone works together and you all get through the intersection, and if someone pushed in a little ahead of you when it was technically your turn,... Continue Reading →

No Filter December – Day 22: Pilgrimage To The British Connection

Since my parents, my brother and I left England 45 years ago, you would think I would be thoroughly Americanized by now.  Ah, but you would only think that if you had not ever been to my parents' house.  It was a little piece of England.  We moved a lot, so that piece of England... Continue Reading →

No Filter December – Day Seven: Stuck At The Border

My amazing weekend in Mexico came to a screeching halt just as I was re-entering the United States this afternoon. I had so carefully packed my passport and my daughter's birth certificate, but somehow I had completely forgotten that I would also need my green card to re-enter the country. This is not my first... Continue Reading →

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