Diagnosis Diabetes: After a Year

It's actually been a year and almost three months since the 12 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  A year and three months of shots, insulin, blood testing and Those Infernal Glucose Test Strips scattered all over the floor. He swears he puts them in the trash can.  But there they are, on... Continue Reading →


No Filter December- Day 28: Flu With a Side Of Diabetes

So, the flu hit. I took the day off yesterday, and was planning to lay low today too, but then the 12 year old made himself breakfast. Which would have been okay, but he has Type 1 Diabetes and gave himself enough insulin to cover for waffles and syrup. Which also would have been okay,... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis: Diabetes – For those of you who are Visual Learners …

A good in-a-nutshell about Type 1 Diabetes.

Eden's Effort

I found this terrific Infographic the other day so thought I would share…

Not all of us find it easy to learn with a bunch of words on paper (or a computer screen).

Hopefully this might help a few of you out there – please SHARE to help EDUCATE…


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Diagnosis: Diabetes. The Day of The Unraveling Of Mom.

Diary Entry from one week after Ryan came home from the hospital: The crisis has passed, and we are now settling into our New Normal of Diabetes Regimen.  Ryan is handling everything very well, Alan is back at work, and we have recommenced school.  Everything is great.  I have nothing to complain about. I am... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis: Diabetes. The First Night Home

Arriving home from the hospital was everything it should have been.  The dogs went wild.  The house had been cleaned by a parade of friends and relatives.  Dinner was delivered, piping hot, at dinner time by another friend, along with Welcome Home balloons for Ryan.  I was feeling pretty optimistic about things. And THEN I... Continue Reading →

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