No Filter December – Day 21: 21

My oldest son turned 21 today. So here are 21 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Son. In no particular order.

1. He can reach the top shelves in the kitchen.

2. Errand running

3. Errand running for items that he couldn’t buy for Mom before today.

4. He can cook for himself.

5. He still prefers it when I cook for him.

6. He works at Starbucks, so he brings me a pound of coffee every week.

7. He calls me on lazy theology.

8. I can’t get away with half-baked ideas either.

9. He writes music and I can hear him from the kitchen.

10. He’s an excellent driver (he still hasn’t seen Rainman, though, so that’s one joke that continues to go over his head).

11. He actually is a good driver though. At least, when I’m in the car.  The siblings tell me otherwise.

12. He keeps it real with the 12 year old and the 14 year old.

13. He also gives the 12 year old fashion advice.

14. He scares away unsuitable suitors from the 19 year old.

15. If I ever need to let out pent up energy, I can just go to one of his hardcore concerts.  (I wear earplugs, though.)

16. He helps me navigate the world of cell phones.

17. He keeps me up to date on the latest catch phrases, indie music and social networking trends, which helps a lot with my students.

18. He can move out soon (this one actually came from one of his siblings, who will remain unnamed, who has her eye on his bedroom).

19. His girlfriend is a lot of fun.

20. She also keeps him in line, so my husband and I have an ally in the “knock it off” department now.

21. Here are some pictures.  What’s not to love?

The day he came home from the hospital.


Now, with the only person who can get him to smile for the camera.

Now, with the only person who can get him to smile for the camera.

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One thought on “No Filter December – Day 21: 21

  1. Nico Kay

    Most excellent! Congratulations on making it this far …. more adventures to come, ours are 31, 25 and 24, so I’ve seen the future ….

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