No Filter December – Day 15: Christmas-Intentional

My youngest is 12, so our Christmas decorations have settled down somewhat to normalcy.  In fact, it’s the youngest who has spearheaded the whole decoration thing for the past couple of years.  As previously mentioned, he does get a little insistent about his concept of the correct way to do things, but since he is not only helping, but cajoling and threatening his siblings into pitching in, I can’t complain.

So all in all, the house should be looking more Christmas-Intentional these days and less Oh-No-Is-It-Really-Christmas-Already-Chaotic.

But then again, I have young piano students.  Some of these young ones bring along their even younger siblings, and there is one thing I have observed in my many years of having children in my house: little people tend to leave pieces behind, especially when they come in groups.

This explains why our nativity scene this week looks like this:


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2 thoughts on “No Filter December – Day 15: Christmas-Intentional

  1. Nico Kay

    Awesome … there’s always room for one more!

  2. Wow, I kind of like this concept!

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