No Filter December – Day 12: The Spa For Teeth

007Today was the Day Of The Root Canal, and fret not, I will spare you the gory details.

I did get a picture of the back-lit ceiling tile, however, and wanted to share it:

I must admit, it did help during the procedure.  It was certainly better than counting the dots in the regular ceiling tiles.

This was my first root canal, and it appeared to be a fairly uneventful one. The endodontist worried me a little when, after giving me anesthetic, she bounced back into the room and said, “So, are you numb?” When I said yes, she replied, “Good, me too!”  Then, seeing the look on my face, said, “HAH!  Just kidding.”

Then again, perhaps I deserve this endodontist.  Perhaps it’s all a cosmic scheme aimed at helping me to see myself more clearly. Towards the end of the 2-hour procedure, she actually started SINGING.

Yep, pretty sure I would do that if I were an endodontist.

I had brought my iPod with me, so during the whole nastiness of drills and such, I was happily floating away to tunes by Gungor and Kari Jobe, and between that and the “tree” above me, I was almost able to forget what was going on. The fact that I’m a lightweight and Novocaine goes straight to my head helped as well.

So all in all, it was a successful appointment.  I celebrated with a cup of hot tea when I got home.  Pain-free hot tea.

My regular dentist provides earphones and a radio when he does work, so I was not a stranger to the concept of music during dental work, but I found that bringing my own iPod was a vast improvement.  Two reasons:

1) no commercials

2) no unfortunate choice of music.

As a musician, I am finely tuned to the music to which I listen, so it is unfortunate when I settle into the chair and discover that KUSC has chosen the absolute wrong piece for the occasion.

This happened with my regular dentist once.  He was doing a filling, so it wasn’t a terribly lengthy procedure, but just as he started and I tuned into the classical radio station, the beginning bars of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue were playing.  This was okay at first.  However, the more it progressed, the more I couldn’t help but think of the animated piece that accompanies it in Disney’s Fantasia 2000.  So by the time I got to the last minute of the song, it struck me how fitting the song was with all the drilling and bits flying and water spraying that was going on in my mouth, which then tickled my funny bone so badly, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. And believe me, the wrong time to laugh is when you are reclined in a dentist chair with drilling and bits flying and water spraying going on in your mouth.

After undergoing that ordeal, I thought I had experienced the worst.  That is, until the next time I needed work done, and just as the dentist maneuvered into my mouth with the giant syringe of Novocaine, the song warbling on the office speakers hit the chorus… “Do you really want to hurt me…” I snorted, and he backed out of my mouth, and I explained what had happened and apologized, and quickly put in the earphones he had provided, turning up the radio to drown out Boy George.  This worked well for about a minute or two, but halfway through the drilling, Edvard Greig’s In The Hall of the Mountain King began to play.

So in the future, I will bring my own dang iPod to all dentist appointments.

Which brings me to the photo of the day.  I have blessed the header with the pre-sunset cloud formations visible out my front window.  We don’t often get weather in So. Cal., so it was a photo worthy sight for my neighbors and I.

As for the photo to end the post… Well.  I can choose between a close-up of the Very Zen Fountain from the waiting room, or a headshot of me laughing with half my face frozen, which, besides looking very creepy, caused my nose to twist to one side.

I will be merciful and go with the Zen.




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