No Filter December – Day Ten: What, Me, Procrastinate?

There will be no TBT post about Mexico Day 2 today, because tomorrow I have a Logic Final to administrate and although it is 9:45 p.m. the night before, I still haven’t gotten around to proofing it or printing it out. If I think hard, I will be able to list what I did instead, but it escapes me at the moment.  I do know that TV shows and bon bons were not involved.  I would have remembered that.

It also occurs to me that I must also grade Art Lecture Presentations tomorrow, so I will need rubrics, not to mention running a Christmas Party, and that somehow in a moment of weakness I promised to make them all Real British Tea in Real Teacups.

Which reminds me I may have also promised to bring my keyboard and some Christmas Carols…

We will also be watching The Scarlet Pimpernel, the Jane Seymour version.  We just finished reading Tale of Two Cities, and this is how I have justified the movie.  Same era.  We will discuss the two different viewpoints of the two stories.  It may boil down to, “That was different from Tale of Two Cities, wasn’t it?” … “Yeah.  I like this one better.”

At any rate, here is a picture of Christmassy stuff that I took this weekend in Mexico.  I’ll put another one in the header.  Happy 10th Day of December.  If anyone needs me I’ll be over here in the corner typing furiously and praying that the printer doesn’t decide to jam tonight.

Baja Mission 12-2014 044crop


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