No Filter December – Day Eight: The Endodontist

I only took two photos today, both of which were at the office of my endodontist.  But you have to understand, this is a really, really cool endodontist’s office, as endodontists go.  Soft, soothing music plays while a TV screen displays a slideshow of fields of flowers.  A candle burns somewhere, wafting relaxing scents across the lobby.  A refrigerator is fully stocked with bottles of water, free for the taking.

Of course, seeing that I was there for a consultation about a possible root canal, brought about by a sudden sensitivity in my tooth to hot and cold, perhaps the refrigerated water could have been rethought.

At any rate, I felt like I was at a spa awaiting a treatment rather than a dentist’s office awaiting pain and torture a consultation.  I felt this way right up until I walked into the exam room and sat in the chair.  There is just no disguising a torture rack dentist’s chair.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me in the chair, so I couldn’t get a photo of the ceiling tile they had replaced with a back-lit picture of a tree, positioned just perfectly so that their patients can gaze upon it when the chair is reclined.  I’ll try again on Friday when I go for my torture session root canal.

For now, I will simply have to leave you with this attractive floral arrangement from the corner of the lobby.


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