No Filter December

I am aware that today is still actually November.

However, the 12 year old has convinced me to get down the Christmas decorations, and despite the cold I’m fighting, I gave in.

And as I sat down to recover from all that ladder climbing and box schlepping, something I read on another blog about taking a photo a day for 365 days was buzzing around my brain, and I came up with the idea of posting a photo a day for a month, and accompanying it with a few words regarding whatever I was thinking that day.

Which seems rather self-serving, but if I go too far down that road I will stop writing altogether.  And maybe, amongst all the “okay, Julia, thanks for sharing” posts, there may be a gem that makes someone smile or helps someone along.

Anyone want to join me?  No Filter December.  Photos, thoughts, whatever is on your mind.  Doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.  Doesn’t have to be long.  Just post.

Plus it’s a good bandwagon to jump on for those of us who missed NaBloPoMo.  Ahem.

Can we just called this decorated already?

Can we just call this decorated already?  #CloseEnough

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2 thoughts on “No Filter December

  1. Nico Kay

    You need Rubbermaid totes, they keep everything safe and secure, are virtually indestructible (moved 3000 miles and didn’t loose a single ornament) and for us OCD types, they stack really neatly….

    • The only problem there, Nico, is fitting the Rubbermaid bin through the tiny little trap door for the attic, considering that a good 1/3 of the space is already occupied by a ladder and my body. It’s kind of a new form of The Limbo passing the boxes out of the attic and down to a waiting helper. 😉

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