No Filter December

I am aware that today is still actually November. However, the 12 year old has convinced me to get down the Christmas decorations, and despite the cold I'm fighting, I gave in. And as I sat down to recover from all that ladder climbing and box schlepping, something I read on another blog about taking... Continue Reading →


Of Costa Mesa and Far Too Much Coffee, Part Three (in which we visit Huntington Beach)

(Continued from Of Costa Mesa and Far Too Much Coffee, Part Two) The Husband (who we shall now call Alan, because "The Husband" is getting a little old.  The term, I mean, not the man. Although he DID just have a birthday...) turned the car west and we drove, obeying the siren call of the... Continue Reading →

Of Costa Mesa and Far Too Much Coffee, Part Two (in which we discover Rooster Cafe)

(continued from Of Costa Mesa and Far Too Much Coffee, Part One) The next day broke blissfully late at 9 a.m.  The only thing that propelled me from that quiet, comfortable hotel room was my need for caffeine and The Husband's need for nourishment.  We fired up the trusty Google again, looking for a breakfast... Continue Reading →

DNA Part Two – The Saga Continues

I decided to put aside my worries about the wooden stirrer sticks and plunge into Step One of my Experiment. As any good scientist (or cook) knows, this would be the Gathering of the Materials. The stirrer sticks were the last item on the list, so I started working at the top, hoping that some solution would present itself by the time I got to them.

DNA Part One – With Fear and Trembling

Some of you may know that as a Classical Conversations Challenge II Director, along with tutoring the students through subjects for which I have a personal affinity, I must also work with them on their Biology.  Now, Biology is a perfectly respectable, and may I say, necessary subject for high school students. However, it was... Continue Reading →

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