My First Stranger

My friend Di has started a blog, and she’s a pretty funny gal. I highly recommend a trip over to Talking To Strangers.. only a couple of posts yet, but well worth a read!

Talking to Strangers

His name was Tim. 

I don’t remember Tim. I don’t remember this incident. What I remember is my mother’s retelling of this incident. She found it amusing. She found me amusing, if her stories are any indication. 

Because the back drop for this story is Yakima, Washington, I must have been between my second and third birthdays. 

My dad came home from work one day bearing a ‘new’ tricycle for me. Really, it had been my older sister’s, but he’d taken it to a friend’s house for repairs and repainting. I’m cool with that. I was so excited about that tricycle that I leaped aboard and took off for my first road trip without looking back. I’m told that I was out of earshot instantly; my tiny legs moving faster than those of the grown-ups in pursuit calling for me to come back. And come back NOW. 

Legend has it…

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Sprouts, Poptarts and Humble Pie

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Diagnosis: Diabetes. The Day of The Unraveling Of Mom.

Diary Entry from one week after Ryan came home from the hospital: The crisis has passed, and we are now settling into our New Normal of Diabetes Regimen.  Ryan is handling everything very well, Alan is back at work, and we have recommenced school.  Everything is great.  I have nothing to complain about. I am... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis: Diabetes. The First Night Home

Arriving home from the hospital was everything it should have been.  The dogs went wild.  The house had been cleaned by a parade of friends and relatives.  Dinner was delivered, piping hot, at dinner time by another friend, along with Welcome Home balloons for Ryan.  I was feeling pretty optimistic about things. And THEN I... Continue Reading →

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