The Apple Don’t Fall Far…

I grew up culturally confused.  After living my first years in England, not to mention learning to speak there, I moved to the east coast of Canada, where I had to learn to speak all over again to avoid being teased.  Four years later we moved to a valley community in Southern California, where again my accent had to change, and a year after that we moved to a beach community, where my accent made its final adjustment.

My children, on the other hand, have grown up in one community and still have friends they met when they were toddlers.  My husband is American, and I at least look and sound American, most of the time, tea visits with my Mum notwithstanding.  So I was fairly confident that they would at least be stable in their cultural identity.

I apparently underestimated the power of a mother’s influence.  Case in point is the video my 10 year old made, out of the blue, last night.

Which, in and of itself, wouldn’t be so bad, if he had ever BEEN to England.  But then again, my 17 year old has never been to Russia, and she has been known to lapse into a Russian accent now and then. She also does a darned good 40’s announcer voice.

Maybe it’s all the homeschooling.   Maybe all those strangers who stopped me in the grocery store and interrogated me about the quality of my children’s “socialization” were on to something…


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