No Filter Friday

Musée Picasso, Paris, (Hotel Salé, 1659)

Musée Picasso, Paris, (Hotel Salé, 1659) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Brenda over at Once Upon A Truth does this thing called No Filter Friday, which being a No Filter kind of gal most of the time myself, sounds like a dandy idea.  So I thought I would give it a go.

NB: all the photos on today’s posting are generated by Zermanta, which suggests images based on key words in the blog. In keeping with the No Filter Theme, I will simply close my eyes, scroll, and click to insert them in the post.   It could be fun trying to figure out why Zermanta thought the image applied.  Especially when you consider that I deleted some stuff before I published.

Today, my 17 year old daughter is trying to combine every swear word she knows into one word so she can cover all the bases at once and not actually offend anyone.  Yes, I homeschooled her. (Before you get your knickers in a twist, she is joking.) (Mostly.)

Also today, my daughter pulled a framed picture out of someone’s trash can in an alley and brought it into my living room. “Here Mom, I got you a new picture.  Isn’t it pretty?”  It is so old it all the colors have faded to a shade of blue.  I mentioned the homeschooling already, right?

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates (Photo credit: saraab™)

Today on my Bible commentary blog, I got more hits in Russia than I did in America.  Yesterday someone in the United Arab Emirates visited it.  Also, someone in Pakistan is reading this blog today.  Who are these wonderful people and how do they FIND me?

The little dog has trained the big dog into thinking that raw carrot sticks are a treat.  Now if we can just get her to work on the 18 year old.

The not-screwing-the-lid-down culprit has struck again, this time with a gallon of orange juice.  You know, the kind that says “shake well” on the bottle?  I don’t want to talk about it.

I want to eat dinner at the Country Touch Cafe.  I don’t care if they only serve breakfast and lunch and close at 2:30 p.m.  That’s what I want.  My husband is wise and loving and agreed.  He said we could get a Snickers bar at the liquor store next to the cafe and sit at one of the outside tables.  Pretty sure he heaved a sigh of relief when I didn’t hold him to it.

Brenda at Cafe Window

Brenda at Cafe Window (Photo credit: David Warlick)

The 10 year old just washed his hands in the kitchen sink so he could help me make biscuits.  Which is a good thing, except he didn’t take the draining macaroni out of the sink first.   I rinsed it extra well and put extra butter in the mix.  It should be okay.  Don’t tell anyone.

I found out today that if you play Word Battle on Facebook, you can collect virtual coins, and when you have enough of them, you can click on a button that says “Validate.”  Who knew you could get validation from playing word games?  (This is where I confess that sometimes, when I’m having a Fail kinda day, I play Bejeweled just so I can hear the guy’s voice intone, “In-CRED-ible!.  A-MAZ-ing!”)

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