Home Grown Greetings – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Store Bought

It’s a tradition in our family for the kids to make greeting cards rather than buying them.  With a brood of budding artists, it seems like the logical thing to do.  Plus it saves us a good $20-25 per event on purchased greeting cards.

Over the years, the quality of the cards has steadily improved, from the typical kindergarten effort that requires cryptography skills to decode:

Hapy Bert Berthday.
Mom I love you alot

…to the heartfelt artwork of a preteen:

… to some pieces of teenage artwork I would like to frame:

Some of the cards, while undoubtedly sincere, come across a little self-serving:

Some are unintentionally hilarious:

Apparently the author of this is so enamored with me that he/she couldn’t tear his/her eyes away long enough to sign the card.

continued below…

Winner of the Turn Around a Train Wreck and Make Mom Cry Happy Tears At The Same Time award.

Some are just sweet in their sincerity:

Well on his way to becoming a man. Hoo-rah.

And some can only be filed under the heading, It’s The Thought That Counts:

Love how my son tries to capitalize on my vivid imagination by instructing me to “Just pretend, ok” about the rose.

However, this year’s birthday offerings are among my favorites:

While I can see we need to concentrate on spelling in the fall, I do appreciate the sentiment. Especially the part about deserving foot rubs.
And I have to give kudos for the 10 year old philosophy.

The 12 year old has come up with a stroke of genius here — how to get away with not writing a paragraph of mushiness in your mother’s birthday card.

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