The Apple Don’t Fall Far…

I grew up culturally confused.  After living my first years in England, not to mention learning to speak there, I moved to the east coast of Canada, where I had to learn to speak all over again to avoid being teased.  Four years later we moved to a valley community in Southern California, where again... Continue Reading →


No Filter Friday

My friend Brenda over at Once Upon A Truth does this thing called No Filter Friday, which being a No Filter kind of gal most of the time myself, sounds like a dandy idea.  So I thought I would give it a go. NB: all the photos on today's posting are generated by Zermanta, which... Continue Reading →

Home Grown Greetings – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Store Bought

It's a tradition in our family for the kids to make greeting cards rather than buying them.  With a brood of budding artists, it seems like the logical thing to do.  Plus it saves us a good $20-25 per event on purchased greeting cards. Over the years, the quality of the cards has steadily improved,... Continue Reading →

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