Diary of An Intrepid Camper – Coming Home

7:30ish – I seem to have misplaced my watch.  Oh well.  The sun is up.  That’s close enough to time to get up for me.

About a half hour later – Made omelets for breakfast, not because I’m such a SuperMom, but because the milk was off and toast is too fiddly over a camp stove.

After breakfast – All hands are on deck for the Tear Down Of Campsite And Packing Of Trailer.  It goes so much easier when the younger two are able to help.

Five minutes later – Addendum to previous entry:  It goes so much easier when the younger two are able to help… if you put them to work at opposite ends of the campsite.

About an hour or two after that – Boy Scout Husband is doing the obligatory Trailer-Fiddling while I help the kids fold the tent.

Five minutes later – while the three kids and I were working on getting the air out of the folded tent, we heard a loud THUMP right where we had been standing a few minutes before.  It was a pinecone that had just fallen out of the tree.  I believe they call that kind of pinecone a widow-maker.

Half an hour after that – The tent is folded, the campsite is picked up, the van is packed, the trailer is almost closed and ready to be hitched up.  We are now at the part of tear-down that only one or two people can do and that takes, according to the children, about six years. The 17 year old is taking some last Camping Portraits.

This shot is destined to go down in the annals of Schmidt Family Portraits as Best Camping Shot Ever.

Half an hour (or six years) later – Hitched up, ready to go. The 17 year old, who at my request had roamed the campground in search of a few last scenic shots, met up with us just as we were ready to pull out. Here is some of her “work”:

I can see she and I are going to have to have a talk about the definition of the word “scenic.”


I was telling my Mom that there is a new Bed & Breakfast in town, so next time we go up there, she could go with us and stay at the B&B. As soon as she saw this picture she exclaimed, “Oh, look, is that the B&B?” And you wonder where I get it.


Five minutes down the road – Trying to figure out a way to convince the Comedian Husband to let me out so I can walk, at least until we get past the hairpin turn. It’s too early to feign carsickness. Maybe I could develop a headache.

Two minutes later – He didn’t fall for it. I just joined in and screamed “Marty, slow down!” with the rest of them. Really can’t wait to bring the 18 year old camping up here, just so we can bring him in on the family joke. He will so enjoy it.

Ten minutes later – Boy Scout Husband is considering pulling over to the Deer Lick Car Wash to clean off the trailer. I’m skeptical.

After that – We didn’t stop. Just as well, because I didn’t see any deer, so I don’t know how it was going to work.

Lunchtime- Driving down the mountain. Not stopping for lunch. Shoving Turkey Jerky in the mouths of anyone who protests.

The 17 year old gave one last try to capture a scenic shot of the view from the top of the mountain, while we were driving.  Unfortunately she forgot to factor in opposing traffic.




Hours and HOURS later – Have arrived home and are unpacking trailer. 10 year old was helping unload a food box when he discovered that someone had packed the pancake mix upside-down. He is not happy. The dog is.

In defense of the 17 year old’s ability to take scenic photos, I submit the following, all of which were taken by her.  Because although this blog provides a perfect outlet for me to take the Mickey out of my kids, I cannot help but default back to Proud Mother.

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