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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Piano Teacher at home

10) I never have to study up ahead of time — been teaching the same songs for 20 years now.
9) Even though the songs are the same, no lesson is ever the same as any other lesson
8) Apart from teaching a child to read, there’s nothing like watching a young brain start to understand written music
7) It’s very easy to curry favor with my clients (bribe them with candy at the end of the lesson)
6) I can tell the same jokes over and over and still get a laugh.
5) I get gifts from students on Valentine’s Day and Christmas
4) I get to shop for stickers and fun pencils and write them off as a business expense.
3) Things my students say provide me with a never-ending source of Facebook statuses.
2) Can’t beat the commute.

And the Number One Reason I Love Teaching Piano:

1) The day I heard a student had said to her mother, “I like the new teacher. She doesn’t yell at me.”

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