Just Like Heaven…

Some people say they can't imagine what heaven will be like, but I can. I have a vivid imagination, and therefore a very clear picture of heaven. In heaven, when I want to go to the park, I will make the decision and then just GO. I won't have to tidy the entire house to... Continue Reading →


More Neighborhood Watching… NOTHING escapes our notice!

So, I've stopped calling the police on people eating McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, but I haven't forgotten my duty as a member of the Neighborhood Watch. Neither has my neighbor, Cathy.She arrived the other day for our English co-op and asked for the number of the police. She had seen two muscular, shaved-headed young men on... Continue Reading →

Community Crime Watch

Alan attended our neighborhood watch meeting a couple of weeks ago and came home with all kinds of accounts of good neighbors reporting suspicious activity, resulting in the capture of a number of assorted burglars, robbers and other ne'er-do-wells. The officer in charge of our district encouraged everyone to report any activity that seemed suspicious... Continue Reading →

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