My Latest Most Embarrassing Moment

So there I am in church, sitting next to my darling husband, and the pastor tells us to open our Bibles to 1 John. I bent down and pulled my reading glasses out of my purse, congratulating myself on remembering them for once (otherwise I have to sit and stare at the wall, trying to look like I have the Scriptures memorized so I don’t need to read along). As I pulled my glasses out, however, one of the arms somehow managed to flick a tampon out of the purse, and it went rolling merrily along the floor toward the single gentleman sitting a few seats down from me.

I moved with lightning-fast reflexes and snagged it before it got too far, tossing it back inside the purse all in one move. My years of performing have taught me how to keep going after I make a mistake, so I kept my poker face on and nonchalantly sat back up, hoping that my little escapade had gone unnoticed.

And then my husband leaned over and whispered, “Way to go, honey!” and then sat there chuckling for a good minute.

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