Eulogy for Joan Capps

Joan Gwendoline Capps was born on March 9, 1932 in Enfield, England and passed away peacefully at home on December 24, 2020. She grew up in London with two brothers and a sister. World War II broke out when she was seven. At the age of ten she took part in a confirmation service at... Continue Reading →

Hallelujah! I Have A Cold!

I've never been thankful for a cold before. I spent the last couple of days fighting a virus, trying not to let myself dwell on the fact that it could be THE virus, but when I finally talked to my doctor on the phone, she pointed out that based on my symptoms, I had a... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know The Answer To Your Question But I’d Be Happy To Make Something Up

The 23 year old took me on a "city sample" last night as her Christmas gift for me.  It was somewhat like bar hopping or a pub crawl, but without the inebriation. We started at one end of the Redondo Beach Riviera and worked our way through five establishments, eating appetizers, sampling soups and browsing... Continue Reading →

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